Gallery Chic: Let the Vibrancy Runneth Over

May 28, 2016

“Let the vibrancy runneth over”

is a phrase I’ve coined and frequently recycle under Instagram posts of myself in colorful settings. Also fitting for the day I spent gallery hopping in Chelsea, the mecca of contemporary art. Accompanied by a good friend of mine, we weaved in and out of galleries along the strip stopping to take photos along our way.

One of our stops was at the Unix gallery to see the work of mixed media artist, Desire Obtain Cherish. The exhibit contained a series of abstract paintings and mixed media art. Playing with the juxtaposition of lines and shading techniques, the paintings also feature 3D brush strokes of neon hues. Adolescent male mannequins covered in purple velvet strategically placed around their necks and feet can be seen in two areas of the gallery.

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Gallery Chic: Museo del Prado

May 27, 2016

Counting down the days until my girls trip to Madrid, Spain, I expressed to my friends that Museo del Prado was going to be my first official stop on my Gallery Chic journey. Extremely excited to visit the Prado Museum, a few hours after landing I changed into a head-turning assemble (details below) and without wasting any time was in a taxi heading towards the world-renowned museum. Rich in European and Spanish art dating back to the 12th century, I was captivated by the original paintings and soaked in all of the history bursting from the walls and rooms the art was displayed.

While viewing paintings from legendary artists such as Georges de La Tour and Bosch, I was simultaneously scoping out areas to be photographed with low risk of getting caught by security. My outfit of choice was inspired by romanticism art which was prominent in one of the many wings of the Museo del Prado. A work of art in itself, my 6.25 in. satin platforms gave my look a feminine flare. I paired the statement making shoes with a high-waisted denim calf length skirt and grey knot-front cropped top. I accessorized the look with a classic Givenchy print inspired trim converted into a DIY choker.

I would highly recommend visiting the Museo del Prado when in Madrid. I left with a better understanding of European art history, a fashion coffee table book from the gift shop & great photos thanks to my friends.

I hope you’ll enjoy the style shots!