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Gallery Chic: Life is Gucci

January 1, 2018

In the middle of NY Fashion Week: Spring/Summer ’18, Milk Gallery debuted a collaborative exhibition with the creator of the infamous GucciGhost, Trevor “Trouble” Andrew. The exhibition entitled “The Real Buy” was a raw space full of abstract paintings and vintage antiques incorporating animated versions of Gucci’s logo.

Laughing at a sunny-side egg painted on a leather jacket symbolizing a UFO, sitting in a mock living room adorned with colorful Gucci monogrammed furniture and squeezing into a functioning automatic toy “Rolls-Royce” car, this exhibit was clearly curated with good humor.

Largely crediting Instagram hashtags showcasing dope visuals taken by young fashion enthusiasts and art junkies, “The Real Buy” quickly attracted a wide audience. Everyone wanted to experience this amazing alternative world of Gucci from the lens of one of the most eclectic graffiti artists, Trouble Andrew.

Hands down one of my favorite exhibitions of 2017! And not because I took a little spin in the “GucciGhost Rolls-Royce”….although that was major!


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